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Estate Planning for Advisors

Just like our LRC® Documents, Estate Planning Online provides convenient, easy and efficient access to the highest quality standard legal documents. In many cases, your client can expect to have a high quality and secure Will within several working days.

Cleary Hoare created Estate Planning Online specifically for our LRC® members after considerable consultation with Financial Planners and Accountants we work closely with. Together, we identified the need for our LRC® members to be able to comprehensively and confidently assist their clients with Estate Planning. The solution to this was Estate Planning Online. Now LRC® members can connect their clients with our estate planning expertise in real time with the comfort that production and responsibility rests with Cleary Hoare Solicitors. 


Estate Planning Online is very easy to use. Once you are logged in you will have two simple forms to complete with your client. The first is a yes / no answer format designed to draw out the issues that will need to be addressed. Based on those responses you will either be contacted by a Solicitor or you will proceed to the Will Instruction Sheet. All forms are reviewed by a specialist lawyer once submitted.

If you do not have a login and password, please use the "Create a new account" option below and we will activate your registration so that you can get started.

If you have any questions about Estate Planning Online, please contact one of our specialist estate planning lawyers. 

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