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Commercial Litigation

Cleary Hoare has extensive experience in both litigation and dispute resolution and advises business clients on contentious matters throughout Australia.

We understand that in order to offer value, you require:

  1. A fast and timely analysis of your position

  2. Your commercial objectives identified

  3. All dispute resolution options tabled in order to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation if possible

  4. Robust solutions implemented cost effectively to achieve your commercial objectives


If a dispute arises in your business, Cleary Hoare's litigation lawyers can help in choosing the best avenue to protect your interests which may be through litigation or an alternative means of resolution such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration. All of our lawyers, including the litigation lawyers, take a proactive approach, to deliver advice which is timely, practical, and cost effective.

Commercial Dispute Resolution 

We appreciate that commercial disputes can quickly turn into protracted and costly litigation. Business owners are often best served by resolving a dispute and then getting on with the business of being in business. Accordingly, Cleary Hoare's approach is to quickly come to grips with whether litigation or a more subtle or nuanced approach is the best means of resolving a commercial dispute.

Our litigation lawyers have the skill and sensitivity to assist you with resolving commercial disputes in order to proceed from discord to accord. Should commercial litigation become necessary, we will advocate forcefully and effectively to protect your interests.

We regularly deal with a broad range of contractual dispute and enforcement matters including:

  • Business contracts and commercial agreements

  • Mortgages, securities, guarantees and other financial instruments

  • Commercial, industrial and residential property, leasing and caveats

  • Licensing and franchising

  • Credit applications and terms and conditions

  • Insurance contracts

  • Joint venture and development arrangements

Our specialist litigation lawyers also assist with a variety of general commercial disputes including:

  • Partnership, shareholder and director disputes

  • Business ownership disputes 

  • Australian Consumer Law disputes, such as misleading and deceptive conduct, unconscionable conduct, etc

  • Building and construction disputes

  • Secured and unsecured debt recovery including bankruptcy and corporate insolvency

  • Employment and industrial issues including drafting employment contracts, resolving employer obligation disputes, restraints of trade and unfair dismissal actions

  • Defamation

  • Professional disciplinary matters, such as allegations of misconduct

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