Tax Planning

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Tax Planning

The importance of tax planning to businesses cannot be overstated. Getting the right advice will, invariably, deliver thousands of dollars in savings over the long term.

Very often, tax planning is about choosing the best structure for your business; moving to a different structure if the needs of your business change, managing income and cash flow and planning in advance of any sale or purchase. It is a continual process. Every transaction has tax consequences but, with a little planning and the right advice, those consequences are manageable. Tax planning, especially if done early, is a long term and valuable investment in your business.

What sets Cleary Hoare apart from our larger competitors is that we live and breathe tax - it is our passion.We are a private business ourselves and have an intimate knowledge of the challenges, needs and priorities of our clients. We do not just identify problems; we provide practical solutions. Our determination to find real, workable solutions for our clients has positioned us as leaders and innovators in the tax planning sphere.

Our services include:

  • Structuring business sales and purchases;

  • Business structures and restructures;

  • Taxation planning for business and investment income;

  • Structuring commercial transactions;

  • Capital Gains Tax;

  • Superannuation advice for SMSF's;

  • Retirement benefit planning;

  • Stamp Duty

  • Joint Ventures.

Arguably, there is no other area of law more dynamic or fast-changing than tax. Keeping abreast of changes to legislation and policy and regulatory bodies is an important part of how we provide value to our clients. Not only do we ensure our advice is up to date with the most recent changes, we also look to the future and consider what changes are likely to happen. We also take a very active role in the development of future legislation by advocating for all of our clients (particularly small and medium sized businesses) in the development of the areas of tax law and policy which affect them.



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