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Will signing in the age of COVID-19

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

State and Federal Governments are hard at work trying to keep up with the impacts of COVID-19. One such impact of self-isolation is that it can stop you from properly signing your Will (because of strict witnessing requirements).

Generally, Wills must be witnessed in person by two people, over 18 years. That can be immensely difficult and dangerous in the middle of a pandemic! The Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian governments have enacted new laws and regulations to tackle this issue. Other States have probably done the same.

You can now have your Will witnessed by audio visual link (video conferencing, face-time, etc). In practice, it is now possible to see your lawyer, give instructions for your new Will and have it signed and witnessed without having to leave self-isolation.

Of course, the devil is in the detail so if you plan to sign by video link, make sure you get advice on how it should be done properly.

If you need a Will, please get in contact with one of our Wills and Estate Lawyers. We can meet by video conference. We offer a free estate planning meeting where we will provide you with a letter of recommendation with a fixed fee quote.


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