Legal Resource Club®
With over 1200 members, our Legal Resource Club® is one of the largest networks of independent Accounting and Financial Planning Firms in Australia.

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Legal Resource Club®

What is the Legal Resource Club®?

Cleary Hoare Legal Resource Club® (LRC®) is a 'must have' resource for busy Accountants and Financial Planners.  Your LRC® membership ensures that you are up to date with issues, have experienced, trusted advice and enjoy the comfort of having access to your own in-house Counsel (without cost for preliminary comments).

It is a powerful tool that adds value to your client service offering.  It allows you to keep abreast of current and emerging taxation issues.  It gives you support to manage your clients' business and personal needs with regard to commercial, estate and succession planning.  It ensures that you can provide outstanding tax advice and capital protection strategies whilst staying focussed on your clients' needs.

Cleary Hoare Solicitors established the Legal Resource Club® in 1994, when the team of tax lawyers initiated working directly with Accountants on tax planning and tax advice.  Today the club has over 1200 members Australia wide.  Accountants and Financial Planners who have built their business beyond a compliance practice find the LRC® to be essential.

Membership is free and the benefits only apply to practising Accountants and Financial Planners. 

 The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to expert tax lawyers and experienced commercial lawyers and preliminary advice via phone and email – a convenient resource when you need advice 
  • Regular technical updates, legislative changes and ATO positions to ensure your knowledge is always current
  • Invitations to professional workshops and events presented by Cleary Hoare Solicitors with reduced fees for members  
  • Practical and comprehensive advice for your clients that is solution focussed and adds value to your business offering 
  • We travel and we come to you! We offer face to face appointments in your office, with you, your clients or to help train your staff 
  • Fixed quotes for work carried out so that there are no surprises
  • The convenience of quickly creating high quality and cost effective documents through our LRC® online document system, saving money and time for your clients