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Ongoing Protection Model

Cleary Hoare's aim is to assist you and your family with the legal challenges you encounter as you move forward with your business, investment and estate journey.  We will help you progress through your financial life-cycle and support you with robust solutions to protect your hard-earned assets as your business develops and evolves.

Our expert tax lawyers have created an exclusive on-going protection model to provide you with a framework for continued legal support.  From commencement of your business to your exit from it, plus any necessary contracts, significant transactions and dispute resolution along the way; we are with you the whole way and ready to start again when you are.

The model below shows how Cleary Hoare can deliver the most tax effective processes to set up your business, allowing you to confidently move forward knowing you have robust planning and support for your individual situation.  If your business is already established, we can facilitate tax effective re-structures to protect your capital and maximise value.  We can assist with drafting your key business contracts, and help  you resolve any tax, duties or business disputes that may arise and provide expert estate planning and succession planning advice including completion of any  commercial transactions for the benefit of you and your business.

Our on-going protection model is another reason why Cleary Hoare is Australia's pre-eminent taxation and capital protection law firm for private businesses.



If you would like more information on Cleary Hoare's "ongoing protection model" please contact one of our specialist tax lawyers.