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Why Choose Cleary Hoare?

The main reason people join the Cleary Hoare team is because they like our firm values. 

We are passionate about what we do.  We are enthusiastic about our practice areas.  We get excited about solving our clients' problems.  We really love what we do and so enjoy coming into work everyday.  If someone loses some of that passion, we take steps to help bring back the motivation.  We change around teams, we facilitate additional training, we branch out into new practice areas.   

It sounds cliché but our people are our greatest asset.  We will support you to achieve your best and reach higher.  We work as a team to assist each another.  If you have a passion or an interest you want to pursue, you will be encouraged to reach your goals and you will get the help you need.  All of our Principals have come from within the Firm.

Cleary Hoare are leaders, not followers.  We always aim to find creative, bold and ground breaking solutions.  We approach our work with ingenuity and imagination.  We never just do things the way they have always been done.  Innovation is part of who we are.  So if you think 'outside the square', you will be a welcome addition to our team.

We strive to achieve excellence in all areas of our business.  We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results.  Other firms dream about our depth of knowledge – and we share that knowledge.  By purposely structuring smaller teams, you will have frequent contact with Principals who are experts in their fields.  We conduct four in-house training sessions per month, most of which are CPD accredited.  You can be assured within the Cleary Hoare environment that your learning curve will be highly relevant, steep and rewarding.

Cleary Hoare is also a fun place to work. We laugh, we lunch, we celebrate and we enjoy ourselves. 

We also offer a range of staff benefits: 

  • Work-life balance is not just a promise, it is a reality  
  • With clients Australia wide and our practice of visiting clients rather than expecting that they come to us, there will be opportunities to travel
  • In-house café
  • Smart casual dress every Friday
  • Social club activities including regular lunches, EOFY and Christmas parties, trivia nights and breakfast cook-ups
  • Loyalty program for milestones in length of service.  Benefits include paid dinners, weekends away and additional paid leave
  • Competitive remuneration packages

Another reason why lawyers join the Cleary Hoare team is that they do not want to be pigeon-holed into one narrow area of specialisation.  While our core is taxation, it is a broad area of law that has implications in estate planning, succession planning, business structures, litigation and commercial transactions.  Our teams are more geography based rather than formed on specialisation.  It means that your team can conduct a whole range of legal work rather than be restricted to high volume of the same sorts of jobs.